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About Varied / Artist Devon SweetFemale/Canada Groups :iconunknownanimalartists: UnknownAnimalArtists
Sharing animal art since 2010
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Deviant for 5 Years
Needs Core Membership
Statistics 1,884 Deviations 5,353 Comments 30,322 Pageviews
Last reminder: from now on I will be logging in rarely or not at all. 

You can find my art here.…

You can find my writing here.……

Let's not have sappy "we'll miss you" comments or attempts to guilt me into staying at all, thanks. I'm a person, not just someone who spits out art at your convenience. You like my work so much? You can look at it on a different site.


Devon Sweet
Artist | Varied
Name: Devon, Ice (preferred)
Age: 17
Gender: Genderfluid
Pronouns: they/them or she/her

Art blog:
Main blog:
Game studio blog:
Briar Nexus blog:

Frequently Left Comments

:bulletorange: Is your last name really Sweet?
Yes. I've already heard all of the jokes about it. Please don't make them.

:bulletorange: What do you use to draw traditionally?
Mechanical pencils, Copic Ciao markers, and fine-tip markers on printer paper.

:bulletorange: What do you use to draw digitally?
Laptop trackpad or Wacom Intous5 tablet, in Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop CS6. Moving more to SAI as I get used to it.

:bulletorange: Are your commissions open?
Yes. Info here:…

:bulletorange: Will you draw something for me?
See above.

:bulletorange: Why did you give me a llama badge?
I send llama badges in response to watches or incoming llama badges.

:bulletorange: Can I post your art on a different site?
Ask first, and only if it's a site I'm not on and I'm properly credited.

:bulletorange: Can I use your lineart for my own character?

:bulletorange: Can I sell characters from one of your species?

:bulletorange: Can members of [open species] have [feature not on the page] ?
I don't care if you give them color-changing butt stripes. Have fun. Honestly. The ref sheets are a guideline of their 'canon' elements, but there's no harm in breaking that to enjoy yourself. Live your dreams.

:bulletorange: Can I draw art of your characters?
Ask first. Usually yes.

:bulletorange: Do you roleplay as your characters?

:bulletorange: Can I roleplay as your characters?

:bulletorange: Will you draw tattoos?
Yes. See commission info above.

:bulletorange: I wish I was as good as you / I'll never be that good / I wish I had such a talent / etc
It's not talent, I've been drawing for 16 of my 17 years. Keep practicing.

:bulletorange: I'm here from [brony site], do you-
No. Unless you're paying me to draw things related to ponies or informing me of art theft, I don't care.

:bulletorange: I really like [OC feature] and [other OC feature], could I use them on my own characters?
Maybe. Depends on how prominent the feature is and how much it would change your character. The general rule is if you can tell from looking at your character that it's just a cross between two of my characters, it's a no-go.

:bulletorange: What kind of music do you enjoy?
Flip the radio to any latest-hits-type channel and that's probably all of it. Oh, and movie and video game soundtracks.

:bulletorange: Do you do anything other than drawing?
I'm working on a social network called Briar Nexus, mentioned above, and a game studio also mentioned above under the name Gray Lion Studios. I also write fantasy novels (currently unfinished and unpublished) and sing (unrecorded and also unpublished), both under my real name, Devon Sweet. I also make a hobby of crying about space.

:bulletorange: Can we be friends?
Maybe, but that's not how you go about doing it.

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