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The Biggest Ice Ref by IceOfWaterflock
The Biggest Ice Ref
Have I posted this? The big (yet still unofficial and unfinished) pose/body ref for my character.
Ivory Page 7 by IceOfWaterflock
Ivory Page 7
Page 8: ...
Page 6: Ivory - 6
Beginning: Ivory - Of Things Unsaid

Been a while since I posted one of these, huh? I got some fresh motivation, reworked the story a little bit - hopefully I can keep it going better this time. I should probably fix up the old descriptions, though.
Why is this an update. Why do you nerds need to hear me say things. w h y
IMPORTANT by IceOfWaterflock
I’m sure most of you know by now that I’ve been wanting to create my own social networking site for a while now. I have a chance to get the startup funds I need by my birthday in a few days if I can rpove that the site can stay afloat after that.

See, the initial launch cost is $360 (USD). After that, though, every month is another $160 for the proper server size for a site of it’s type. I do not currently have the means to come up with the full payment every month on my own, which is why I’ve made this post. 

The rules for the site can be read here, and a short overview can be read here.

Please comment on this or my page, or send me a note if you would sign up for the site and donate to it. It means a lot, and thank you for reading.



Devon Sweet
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(button credit )
This is canon to the Ivory comic, when I update it next. Each paragraph is it's own note, don't expect them to blend together. Might have some odd wording out of context but honestly I don't want to bother editing it


Night Furies with different colors/patterns would be possible? I mean, as far as the movies go, any dragon that we’ve seen more than one of has color variations; do you think that would reflect on Furies as well as long as they were dark/mottled for camouflage? Or if they had simple markings like speckles of stripes instead of bar-ish patterns like Toothless?

so the character i’d mentioned before (ivory) is an albino night fury. (her previous design (left) was an attempt to be ~cool albino markings~ because i was. not very smart. the right side is my redesign.
she’s the only albino fury of her family clan to have survived since adulthood, since they’re usually picked off by other hunting animals or vikings. her parents, though, were highly protective of her after her siblings never hatched. her mother was grounded by vikings during an attack while trying to move her away, and her father took her and fled (losing his right eye in the process). her mother has been missing since, confirmed neither alive or dead. ivory can’t go out without another two night furies to cover her if any vikings come by, and usually her father sends a small patrol out nearby in case anything goes wrong. she hates her coloring because of this, so she sometimes sneaks out to fly by rolling in mud so her color is darker.
idk i guess i’m just wondering if having an albino night fury makes sense if it actually has massive drawbacks? i’d imagine not many of them survive for long unless their clan is willing to take the effort to protect them (which is probably only if the parents are the alphas of the clan)

so another character for the night fury thing
her name is taarga, and she’s one of the ancient night furies. morde’s great great great grandmother, to be exact. since most night furies don’t live to see grandchildren, age is a source of respect among clans. night furies of exceptional age (that live to see their great grandchildren) live together in the hive (which does not yet hold the red death due to this story taking place long before then) and make the most important decisions. all ancients have their alpha marks, and these appear when their anger flares.

night furies live in their own society with tiered hierarchy - the older and more respected a fury is, the more power it commands. the highest tiers are the ancients; furies who have lived to see their great-great-grandchildren's hatching and have earned their alpha marks. the ancients make choices for the pack they live with, and often meet up with the ancients of other packs to discuss larger-scale issues. heated discussions between ancients often end with their alpha marks blazing and occasionally a short scuffle to decide who makes the final choice in a matter.

there u go night furies

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